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Present Situation and Analysis of Macerals Separation and Utilization Technologies

DOI: 10.12677/CCE.2016.44004, PP. 25-32

Keywords: 显微组分,浮选,摩擦电选,热解,气化,液化
, Flotation, Triboelectrostatic Separation, Pyrolysis, Gasification, Liquefaction

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Along with serious environmental pollution caused by coal combustion as well as the scarcity of oil resource, high efficient and clean utilization of coal resource has becoming the immediate research focus. The useful organic matter in coal can be classified into three coal maceral types: exinite, vitrinite and inertinite. The separation and the further processing technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction of macerals according their different features could improve coal utilization rate effectively and lighten oil resource’s shortage. In this paper, the research progress of macerals separation and utilization technique is introduced and the further development and improvement are analyzed.


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