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Simulation Analysis on Applicability of Meta Material and PBG Based mm-Wave Planar Antenna for Advanced Cellular Technologies

DOI: 10.4236/ojapr.2017.51003, PP. 23-35

Keywords: LH Metamaterials, PBG, Planar Antenna, CST Microwave Tools, Return Loss, Radiation Pattern

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Metamaterials have got a unique identification in the field of electromagnetic. Left handed metamaterials have been recognized through its working at high frequencies with larger bandwidth in antenna design. The author has proposed a multi substrates LH metamaterials with an array of split triangular antennas for wideband as well as for larger bandwidth. FR4 is being used at frequency 42 - 26 GHz with thickness of 3 mm for substrate and matching circuit is inserted to get high gain with minimum reflections. The number of rods in PBG is 100, which is found to get high return losses and ideal behavior of VSWR. Obtained results have been in good agreement such as S11 is approximately 30 dB, VSWR 1.8 dB and the bandwidth enhancement is 2 GHz at frequency 5 GHz. All results are plotted using commercial software CST microwave studio (Version 2012) and MATLAB.


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