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Automatic Construction Method for Domain Concepts Based on Wikipedia Semantic Knowledge Base

DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2017.51006, PP. 61-68

Keywords: Wikipedia, Semantic Knowledge Base, Keywords Extraction, Semantic Similarity Computation, Random Walk

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This paper proposes a method to construct conceptual semantic knowledge base of software engineering domain based on Wikipedia. First, it takes the concept of SWEBOK V3 as the standard to extract the interpretation of the concept from the Wikipedia, and extracts the keywords as the concept of semantic; Second, through the conceptual semantic knowledge base, it is formed by the relationship between the hierarchical relationship concept and the other text interpretation concept in the Wikipedia. Finally, the semantic similarity between concepts is calculated by the random walk algorithm for the construction of the conceptual semantic knowledge base. The semantic similarity of knowledge base constructed by this method can reach more than 84%, and the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified.


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