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Ohmic Contact Formation for n+4H-SiC Substrate by Selective Heating Method Using Hydrogen Radical Irradiation

DOI: 10.4236/msce.2017.51005, PP. 35-41

Keywords: Selective Heating, Nickel Silicide Electrode, Hydrogen Plasma, Ohmic Contact, SiC

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We developed an apparatus for producing high-density hydrogen plasma. We confirmed that the temperatures of transition-metal films increased to above 800?C within 5 s when they were exposed to hydrogen plasma formed using the apparatus. We applied this phenomenon to the selective heat treatment of W/Ni films deposited on n+4H-SiC wafers and formed nickel silicide electrodes. To utilize this method, we can perform the nickel silicidation process without heating the other areas such as channel regions and improve the reliability.


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