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Evaluation of ColdZyme Mouth Spray against Common Cold in Elderly Care Personnel

DOI: 10.4236/ojrd.2017.71002, PP. 12-17

Keywords: Common Cold, Elderly Care, ColdZyme? Mouth Spray

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ColdZyme? Mouth Spray (ColdZyme) is a mouth spray intended to reduce the probability of catching a cold and/or can help shorten the duration of a cold if used at an early stage of the infection, by forming a barrier on the pharyngeal mucous membrane. This study evaluated the preventative effect of ColdZyme on common cold infections in personnel at elderly care facilities, and assessed the level of reduction in corresponding sick leave. The number of sick-leave days for the personnel decreased from an average of 5.2 days to 3.7 days (29%) when using ColdZyme compared to control period (p = 0.054). 63% of those who had a cold reported the symptoms to be milder than previous colds. Conclusion: Using ColdZyme? Mouth Spray to apply a barrier to the oropharynx may be an easy and practical way to prevent or reduce infections of the common cold virus and corresponding sick leave in personnel working in elderly care.


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