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Numerical Simulation and Character Analysis of South Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone “Anggrek”

DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2016.33013, PP. 91-99

Keywords: 热带气旋,数值模拟,南印度洋,动力结构,热力结构
Tropical Cyclone
, Numerical Cyclone, South Indian Ocean, Dynamic Construction, Thermal Construction

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利用区域大气数值模式WRF (V3.3),采用控制试验和bogus人造涡旋初始化两种方案,对2010年南印度洋热带气旋“Anggrek”进行了数值模拟试验,通过模拟路径、强度、动力和热力结构等方面的对比验证表明,WRF模式对热带气旋“Anggrek”的模拟是比较成功的。本文一方面验证了WRF模式对于南印度洋热带气旋的模拟能力,并且在模拟效果良好的基础上,利用高分辨率模拟结果,分析了热带气旋发展阶段的动力和热力特征,包括低中高层流场形势和暖心结构。
In this paper, tropical cyclone “Anggerk” of 2010 in South Indian Ocean is numerically simulated by regional Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) with two experiments of control and bogus vortex initialization test. On comparison of numerically simulated track, intensity, dynamic and thermal construction, the result represents that the simulation of tropical cyclone “Anggrek” by WRF is successful, and the capability of simulating tropical cyclone of South Indian Ocean by WRF is verified. On the basic of fine simulation, adopting high resolution simulation results, the dynamic and thermal construction of developing tropical cyclone are analyzed from warm core structure and flow field of the atmosphere, including lower, middle and upper parts.


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