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A Dual-Function Polarization-Selective Beam Splitter Based on a Subwavelength Multi-Subpart Profile Grating Structure

DOI: 10.12677/APP.2016.69025, PP. 193-203

Keywords: 衍射光栅,泄露模谐振,偏振分束器
Diffraction and Gratings
, Polarizing Beam Splitters (PBSs), Leaky-Mode Resonance (LMR)

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本文主要介绍了一种基于单层微纳多齿谐振光栅的双功能偏振分束器。严格耦合波理论分析表明,在垂直入射时,对于TE偏振光(电场平行于光栅槽线)来说,该器件在1.46~1.58 μm宽谱范围内,其反射率大于97%;而对于TM偏振光(磁场平行于光栅槽线)来说,该结构在1.55 μm波长处,能够实现50/50反射和透射分束比。此外,为了分析此器件对结构参数变化的响应,我们还分析了此结构的工艺容差性。
In this paper, a dual-function polarization selective beam splitter (PSBS) constructed by only a single layer subwavelength multi-subpart profile grating is presented. Rigorous coupled-wave analysis is adopted to investigate the properties of the structure. It is shown that for transverse electric (TE) polarized wave, the device demonstrates very high reflectivity (>97%) from 1.46 to 1.58 μm; and for transverse magnetic (TM) polarized wave, at the wavelength of 1.55 μm, it exhibits about 50/50 beam ratio under normal incidence. To evaluate the response of the PSBS under variation in structure parameters, we also investigated the fabrication tolerances of the device.


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