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Based on the Statistical Analysis of the National Constitution Index Research and Related Recommendations

DOI: 10.12677/APS.2016.43010, PP. 57-64

Keywords: 国民体质,体育,统计方法
National Physical Fitness
, Sports, Statistical Method

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The national physical fitness is an important part of the overall national strength and national competitiveness, and it is the guarantee of our country to build a moderately prosperous society as well as a sports power. The strength and weakness of the national physical fitness have a sig-nificant influence on the rise and fall of the state and the nation. China has adopted a series of strategies to enhance the national physical fitness: the improvement of relevant laws and regula-tions, the establishment of national physique monitoring system, the promotion of nationwide fitness with providing fitness venues and the enhancement of the hardware facilities in sports industry. This paper has studied “2014 National Physique Monitoring Bulletin” issued by the Bureau of Statistics and focused on the “national physical fitness index”, which helps in analyzing the people’s physical conditions from different provinces and cities by statistical methods, and providing recommendations respectively. The meaning of this paper is to reflect the civil physical fitness conditions of each province and city and provide relevant recommendations by analyzing the national physical fitness index in the statistical approach.


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