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Study of Great Circle Route Planning Based on Mercator Chart

DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2016.54011, PP. 83-92

Keywords: 墨卡托海图,大圆航线,恒向线,Excel
Mercator Chart
, The Great Circle Route, Rhumb Line, Excel

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With the continuous improvement of the degree of ship automation and the upgrading of marine equipment, the navigation becomes more safe, efficient, stable and economical. But the problem is that the driver’s theoretical knowledge is not solid; when the equipment breaks down, the ability to deal with the problem is insufficient, which may cause huge losses. If separated from ECDIS, the route design drawing of the great circle route based on Mercator chart is very difficult. In this paper, in order to avoid the loss, according to the mathematical properties of the spherical triangle, Excel can be used to calculate the data and design route, then data are displayed in the electronic chart, and the differences between the great circle route and rhumb line are compared.


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