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Analysis on the Management and Security Prevention for Site of College Sports in Suzhou

DOI: 10.12677/APS.2016.42005, PP. 25-32

Keywords: 高校,社区,场地管理,安全与预防
, Community, Site Management, Safety and Prevention

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In regard to the issue of how to prevent accidents happening in college sports venues, we have conducted research using various methods including interviewing and handing out question-naires to students and teachers. We have analyzed and drew a conclusion based on the gathered statistics and interview recordings. Conclusion: Most colleges have established a relatively mature system to protect students from getting injured and provide them with a friendly environment, while still some stadium lack rules and need further development. Advice: Colleges should improve their rules and regulations in protecting students in college sports venues. Furthermore, the exercise facilities can be open to the public so that the citizens can really benefit from using them, which can be the foundation of promoting the program “exercise for everybody” [1] nationwide.


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