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Exponential Synchronization of Reaction-Diffusion Neural Networks with Time Delay in the Leakage Term Based on Periodically Intermittent Control

DOI: 10.12677/AAM.2016.52038, PP. 298-309

Keywords: 指数同步,Leakage时滞,反应扩散,间歇控制
Exponential Synchronization
, Leakage Delay, Spacial Diffusion, Periodically Intermittent Control

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In this paper, the exponential synchronization of neural networks with spacial diffusion, mixed time-varying delays and leakage delay is investigated. By means of Lyapunov functional technique and some inequality techniques, exponential synchronization criteria dependent on leakage delay, diffusion coefficients and diffusion space are derived for the neural networks based on periodically intermittent control. The model studied in this paper is more general. The results obtained remove the restriction on the time-delays and are less conservative. Numerical simulations are carried out to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed theoretical results.


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