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An Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Enterprise Competitiveness—Based on Data on Listed Food and Beverage Industry in Shanghai and Shenzhen

DOI: 10.12677/MM.2016.62008, PP. 49-59

Keywords: 企业社会责任,企业竞争力,食品安全法,实证分析
Corporate Social Responsibility
, Enterprise Competitiveness, Food Safety Law, Empirical Research

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For enterprises, the good performance of social responsibility will help to enhance the competi-tiveness of enterprises. This paper selects the listed food and beverage industry as a sample, which is the most closely related to daily life and has the highest degree of social concern. According to the relevant theory and sample data, this paper puts forward the empirical research model and hypothesis, establishes a corporate social responsibility evaluation index system from the shareholders, creditors, suppliers, employees, government, law and other dimensions, establishes the evaluation system of enterprise competitiveness from scale, efficiency and growth ability and uses Excel software for data correlation analysis, regression analysis and other empirical research. In the end, according to the results, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions from the enterprise and the government prospective for enterprises to take the social responsibility.


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