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Finance  2016 

Study on Mainland China SME Credit Assessment Elements Using Credit Assessment Methods from Taiwan

DOI: 10.12677/FIN.2016.63009, PP. 89-99

Keywords: 中小企业,授信评估,层级分析法
Small and Medium Enterprises
, Credit Assessment, Analytic Hierarchy Process

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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been making many contributions to the economics of Mainland China, but SME in Mainland China faces the predicament of “difficulty in financing and guaranteeing”. First of all, on the empirical approach it built a level of credit assessment including “capital, capacity, character, collateral and condition” as principle levels and three to six indicators under them to design questionnaire. In AHP, it found capacity on principle levels is more cared by banks, and the highest weight of indicators under principle levels are “debt-to-equity ratio”, “asset turnover”, “borrower's character”, “liquidity of collectible” and “enterprise policy” have no difference with researches in the past, but the enterprise policy still is the key point in influence of SME in Mainland China.


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