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Research Summary of Oil Transport and Numerical Simulation Methods of Oil Spill in Ice Covered Water

DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2016.31002, PP. 6-10

Keywords: 冰区溢油,油膜漂移,数值模拟
Oil Spill in Ice Region
, Oil Drift, Numerical Simulation

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In recent years, with the rapid development of offshore oil exploration activities, oil spill accident can occur in the process of oil extraction, storage and transportation, which is seriously harm to marine species and environment and causes economic losses. In addition, oil will experience com-plex physical and chemical changes, including evaporation, dissolution, emulsification, and spreading, oxidation and biological degradation. These progresses change the nature of the oil spill, and influence oil spill drift pattern. Especially in sea with ice existing, oil spill drifting is affected by the restrictions of ice, which make it more difficult to predict oil drift trajectory. Therefore, it is more difficult for oil spill recovery processing. In this paper, oil spill drift rule and numerical simulation method in water with ice covered were studied.


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