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Review of Weathering Progress and Oil Character Changes of Oil Spill in Ice Covered Water

DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2016.31001, PP. 1-5

Keywords: 冰区溢油,风化过程,溢油性质
Oil Spill in Ice Zone
, Weathering Progress, Oil Property

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With the continuous development of offshore oil exploration technology, a growing number of offshore drilling projects increase the possibility of oil spill accidents. Especially, the complex en-vironmental conditions in the sea make it more difficult to oil spill recovery and lead great disaster to marine species and natural resources. When oil spill occurs in freezing environment, it ought to consider the economic benefit and emergency response ability, which include oil spill weathering and transporting, response and cleanup methods, effectiveness of removing equipment, coastal protection activities, legal constraints and other issues. In this paper, the weathering characteristics and oil characters of oil spill in cold water were studied.


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