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Small Watershed Rainfall Runoff Estimation and Its Application Based on SCS Model

DOI: 10.12677/JWRR.2016.52021, PP. 162-166

Keywords: SCS模型,小流域,降雨径流,估算
SCS Model
, Small Watershed, Rainfall Runoff, Estimation

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How to estimate small watershed rainfall that can be collected is a technical problem which needs to be solved in rainwater harvesting and utilization currently. In the past, many experts and engineers usually used small-area field fixed-point observation test method and other methods in solving this problem. However, these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Aiming at this problem, the US Soil Conservation Service proposed a new solution for small-area catchment runoff calculation—Rainfall SCS Method. The advantages of SCS method are simple calculation, few parameters, and simple observational data requirements; the value of surface runoff can be calculated under various precipitation conditions and preconditions using this method. The empirical results using this method show clear model principle, simple calculation, and accurate results. It is a kind of good method for small watershed runoff estimation.


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