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The Effects of Fe2+ on the Aggregation Behavior of Residual Hydrophobic Modified Polyacryamide

DOI: 10.4236/msce.2016.412001, PP. 1-9

Keywords: Aggregation Behavior, Fluorescence Spectrum, Residual Hydrophobic Modified Polyacryamide

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The influences of Fe2+ on the aggregation behavior of residual hydrophobic modified polyacryamide (HMPAM) in treated oily wastewater were studied by fluorescence spectrum and DLS. The result of I1/I3 showed that the polarity of hydrophobic domain increased and the size of hydrophobic domain may be decreased with the increasing of Fe2+ in produced water. Fe2+ was helpful for the increase of hydrophobic domain, therefore due to the aggregation degree for HMPAM.


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