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The Advection Diffusion-in-Secondary Saturation Movement Equation and Its Application to Concentration Gradient-Driven Saturation Kinetic Flow

DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.411200, PP. 1998-2010

Keywords: Partial Differential Equations, Conductivity Flux, Diffusivity Flux

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This work describes the deterministic interaction of a diffusing particle of efavirenz through concentration gradient. Simulated pharmacokinetic data from patients on efavirenz are used. The Fourier’s Equation is used to infer on transfer of movement between solution particles. The work investigates diffusion using Fick’s analogy, but in a different variable space. Two important movement fluxes of a solution particle are derived an absorbing one identified as conductivity and a dispersing one identified as diffusivity. The Fourier’s Equation can be used to describe the process of gain/loss of movement in formation of a solution particle in an individual.


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