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Exploration and Thinking on the Development of Sports Lottery Market in County Area of Suzhou

DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2016.44068, PP. 686-695

Keywords: Sports Lottery, Lottery Market, Lottery Economy, County Sports Lottery Market

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Lottery has an irresistible charm and its issuance becomes a rational choice to make up for the lack of national financial investment in social welfare undertakings. Based on the current situation of China’s lottery economy, this paper firstly analyzes three major backgrounds for Suzhou developing the county sports lottery market, which is clear policy direction, a solid foundation of the county economy and effective sports organizations. And then it reveals Suzhou’s practical exploration and achieving results of its county sports lottery market from the institutional mechanisms, personnel construction, sales channels and brand building. Finally, this paper points out that in the future Suzhou should further improve the county sports lottery market with fine management as the premise, sustainable development as general principles, and market competition as the target and administrative reform as the opportunity.


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