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Single Phase Induction Motor Drive with Restrained Speed and Torque Ripples Using Neural Network Predictive Controller

DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.711309, PP. 3670-3684

Keywords: Dynamic Model, Low Torque Ripples, Neural Model, Neural Network Predictive Controller, Unstable Operation, Single Phase Induction Motor, Variable Speed Drives

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In industrial drives, electric motors are extensively utilized to impart motion control and induction motors are the most familiar drive at present due to its extensive performance characteristic similar with that of DC drives. Precise control of drives is the main attribute in industries to optimize the performance and to increase its production rate. In motion control, the major considerations are the torque and speed ripples. Design of controllers has become increasingly complex to such systems for better management of energy and raw materials to attain optimal performance. Meager parameter appraisal results are unsuitable, leading to unstable operation. The rapid intensification of digital computer revolutionizes to practice precise control and allows implementation of advanced control strategy to extremely multifaceted systems. To solve complex control problems, model predictive control is an authoritative scheme, which exploits an explicit model of the process to be controlled. This paper presents a predictive control strategy by a neural network predictive controller based single phase induction motor drive to minimize the speed and torque ripples. The proposed method exhibits better performance than the conventional controller and validity of the proposed method is verified by the simulation results using MATLAB software.


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