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Internal Vibration and Synchronization of Four Coupled Self-Excited Elastic Beams

DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2016.68050, PP. 501-513

Keywords: Coupled Beams, Self-Excited Beams, Spatially Extended Oscillators, Synchronization, Vibration Behavior

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The vibration behavior and the synchronization between some internal points of four coupled self-excited beams are numerically studied. Coupling through the root of the beams is considered. The transverse displacements of the internal points and the beam tips are monitored, and the power spectra of the resulting time series are employed to determine the oscillation frequencies. The synchronization between beams is analyzed using phase portraits and correlation coefficients. Numerical results show multiple frequencies in the vibration pattern, and complex patterns of synchronization between pairs of beams.


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