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Energy Consumption Power Aware Data Delivery in Wireless Network

DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.710241, PP. 2829-2836

Keywords: Data Delivery Network, GUI, Thin Clients, Graphical Terminals, Virtualization, Wireless Networks

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In this paper, we present the virtual desktop that uses a novel methodology and related metrics to benchmark thin client based on Data Delivery Networks (DDN) in terms of scalability and reliability. Most studies of the wireless networks mainly focus on system performance and power consumption circuit system; the main target has been separated in terms of Data operation and GUI operation by DDN. The communication protocol for wireless communication may play a major role in energy consumption and other important factors. The portable devices like Personal Digital Assistance (PDA) and others are mainly focusing on the efficient energy consumption (power control) in wireless networks. Here we focus on energy efficiency, algorithmic efficiency, virtualization and resource allocation; these are the main aims of the authors. The foremost research in the direction of wireless computing in saving energy and reducing carbon foot prints is also the challenging part. This is the study proof of brief account of wireless networks.


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