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Chronic Enterovirus D68 Bronchiolitis Causing Severe Respiratory Insufficiency

DOI: 10.4236/ojrd.2016.63007, PP. 47-51

Keywords: Enterovirus D68, Chronic Bronchiolitis

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Human enteroviruses are less well-known causes of acute bronchiolitis. In recent years, Enterovirus D68 [EV D68] has emerged as significant cause of epidemic viral bronchiolitis and pneumonia in the United States and other countries. Chronic bronchiolitis has not been previously attributed to EV D68. We documented EV D68 in open lung biopsies of a young adult patient who was frequently admitted to the hospital for severe exacerbation of respiratory infections and subsequently developed progressive respiratory insufficiency. The difficulty of diagnosis and potential economic impact of this illness is discussed.


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