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Cold Chain Logistics Development and Analysis of Necessity

DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2016.93030, PP. 238-242

Keywords: Management and Monitoring Level, Ningbo, The Cold Chain Logistics

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Agricultural and fishery products are during transport often require low temperature conditions of transport, in order to meet the basic performance of the product. Enterprises must change the product logistics and transport conditions for cold chain that can be applied to the field of logistics and ensure its quality. In this paper, logistics and transportation in Ningbo, for example, found that the highest close level Ningbo Economic development and agriculture; it is necessary to strengthen the control of agricultural cold chain logistics during transport, logistics and transport to ensure the quality of agricultural products, so that consumers get satisfaction products, and improve the reputation and service levels. From the enterprises themselves, we must introduce advanced technology and equipment, the introduction of outstanding intellectuals, strengthen the company’s management and monitoring level, and improve the cold chain logistics and transport capacity, to provide support and protection for the economic development of enterprises.


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