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Humanoid Based Intelligence Control Strategy of Plastic Cement Die Press Work-Piece Forming Process for Polymer Plastics

DOI: 10.4236/msce.2016.46002, PP. 9-16

Keywords: Plastic Cement, Polymer Plastics, Die Press Work-Piece, Forming Process, Humanoid Based Intelligence Control

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The plastic cement belongs to a sort of polymer material, the chemical composition is very complex, and the plastic cement work-piece is generally manufactured by die press forming. Aimed at being difficult to control in parameters of forming process, the paper explored the humanoid based intelligence control strategy. In the paper, it made the anatomy in control puzzle resulted in uncertainty such as chemical component of plastic cement etc., summarized up the characteristic of cybernetics in forming process, researched on the humanoid based intelligence control strategy, and constructed the control algorithm of forming process in plastic cement work-piece. Taking the process experiment of temperature and pressure control as an example, it validated the good dynamic and static control quality through simulation of control algorithm constructed in this paper. The experimental results show that the control algorithm explored in this paper is reasonably available.


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