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Detection  2016 

Assessment of Indoor Radon Concentrations in Dwellings for Baghdad Governorate by Using RAD-7 Detector

DOI: 10.4236/detection.2016.42006, PP. 40-44

Keywords: Radon, Dwellings, RAD-7 Detector, CR-39, Indoor Radon Concentration, Baghdad Governorate

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In the present work, radon gas concentrations in different dwellings in Baghdad governorate are measured by using RAD-7 detector. The results have shown that, the radon gas concentrations ranged between (40.67 ± 3.1 Bq/m3) to (190.00 ± 2.7 Bq/m3) with an average value (113.66 ± 30.2 Bq/m3); in the first one we draw the map radiations for indoor radon gas concentrations in Baghdad governorate. We would like to mention that the present study is considered to be very important and vital because it is concerned with people health and safety in the first place.


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