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Research on and Application of the Tendency of Appreciating Ugliness Consistent with the Change of Times

DOI: 10.4236/als.2016.42005, PP. 26-31

Keywords: Ugliness, Appreciating Ugliness, Logical Evolution

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The tendency of appreciating ugliness was inevitably born in the context of aesthetics of the times. Its research content includes the contemporary culture of tendency of appreciating ugliness, aesthetic pursuit of audients, role performance, etc. This impact of the tendency of appreciating ugliness has different degrees and levels, but they all almost penetrate into our lives without exception. Appreciating ugliness not only is a simple appreciation course from ugliness to beauty, but also involves how the contemporary culture, technology and art can create the substantial content consistent with “aesthetic” standards of the times. “Ugliness” tendency in the field of theory study is less, only in the stage of slow development, theoretical study on the lack of integrity, systematic, and relatively lags in the practice application. This article aims at the “ugliness” under the globalization phenomenon by using the method of comparative study and the method of longitudinal development at home and abroad from different periods of ugly and beauty, beauty and ugliness and the root cause analysis and comprehensive, systematic generalization.


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