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Chronically Evaluated Highest Instantaneous Priority Next: A Novel Algorithm for Processor Scheduling

DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2016.44013, PP. 146-159

Keywords: Chronically Evaluated Highest Instantaneous Priority Next, CEHIPN, Priority Scheduling, Preemptive Scheduling, Processor Scheduling, Starvation

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This paper proposes a novel chronically evaluated highest instantaneous priority next processor scheduling algorithm. The currently existing algorithms like first come first serve, shortest job first, round-robin, shortest remaining time first, highest response ratio next and varying response ratio priority algorithm have some problems associated with them. Some of them can lead to endless waiting or starvation and some of them like round-robin has problem of too many context switches and high waiting time associated with them. In the proposed algorithm, we have taken care of all such problems. As the novel algorithm is capable of achieving as good results as shortest remaining time first algorithm and also it will never lead to starvation.


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