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Cause Analysis to Farmers’ No Removal from Immigrant of Voluntary Poverty Alleviation of in Shanxi Province and Policy Recommendations

DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.44021, PP. 150-154

Keywords: Voluntary Poverty Alleviation and Migration, Remaining Problems, Influencing Factors, Accurate Poverty Alleviation

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In the implementation of the voluntary poverty alleviation migration policy, some rich villagers have moved but some still live in the original place. This phenomenon is a universal social problem, and those farmers still maintain the original living standards and even lower than those be-fore the implementation of voluntary poverty alleviation immigration policy. The article takes a poverty-stricken country in Shanxi Province as a case to find out the reasons for the left-behind farmers, to explore the accurate poverty alleviation in the voluntary poverty alleviation in Shanxi Province, and to put forward the corresponding suggestions.


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