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The Study on Migration and Poverty Alleviation Planning of Daning County

DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.44019, PP. 138-144

Keywords: Daning County, Poverty Alleviation by Migration, Planning

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In order to promote the economic development of Daning County and guarantee the people’s livelihood, this paper made an overall analysis on progress of migration and poverty alleviation in the past five years. At the same time, considering the existing problems, the paper made a plan to advance migration and poverty alleviation of the next few years and provided a reference for the migration and poverty alleviation work of Daning County in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period. This paper selected the relocated families as the research object, interviewed and surveyed six administrative villages under the migration and poverty alleviation policy, and collected relevant information and data. Besides, the authors read a lot of literatures and used many analysis methods such as field investigation, literature analysis, case analysis and reference contrast to study the advances, benefits, existing problems and choke points of migration and poverty alleviation work in Daning County. Finally, the paper made a brief plan on the migration and poverty alleviation work in Daning County of the next few years.


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