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Politics as a Profession

DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2016.62018, PP. 186-190

Keywords: Politics, Profession, Survey, Fake Degree, Business, Career, Parent’s Mentality

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The proposed research is about the people’s perception about “Politics as profession”. This paper examines multiple case studies of people’s opinion about making career in politics and further explains why most of the people are not interested in politics. By and large, people in India consider Politics as “dirt”. The word “Uneducated” is directly linked with politicians in India. We have our own Indian Political history as background information for us to understand people’s mentality towards politics and why most of us never want to join it. The purpose of this paper is to study the mentality of Indian parents about letting their children pursue politics as their profession. The main objective of this research is to make people understand that we can never clean the dirt by just staying away from it. Results of various surveys have been included to support the fact that people are afraid to take politics as a career. Post-Independence Era has seen kith and kin of late famous political figures that have entered politics in spite of being uneducated. Education doesn’t just mean acquiring degrees from some university, but to have a sense of honor towards leading people. This paper also stresses on the fact that most people agree on having an educated politician but most of the educated people are not interested in joining politics. As we know, many Indian politicians shroud in fake degree scandal, which shows the education status of politicians in India. Our proposal signifies that people need to change their mentality about politics and join it in true professional spirit so that we can be a developed nation and present an example to the rest of the world.


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