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Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Data Based on Variational Level Set Method

DOI: 10.12677/JISP.2016.52007, PP. 53-57

Keywords: 曲面重构,变分水平集方法
Surface Reconstruction
, Variational Level Set Method

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A lot of problems in the field of engineering and medicine after abstraction can be converted into scattered data reconfiguration problems. We set initial contour near the scattered data, expressed as the zero level set of the level set function, which will eventually turn the evolution of initial active contour into the evolution of the level set function. We define an energy functional who takes the level set function as its independent variable, to measure approximation degree with the scattered data, and use the improved variational level set method to evolve the initial contour and achieve reconstruction. In this paper, firstly, putting forward an improved Heaviside function to make the initial contour can better converge in the target contour; secondly, the specific process of numerical calculation model is given, and a two-dimensional example illustrates the effect of the scattered data reconstruction.


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