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Research on the Effectiveness of Real Estate Investment Based on DEA and FCA

DOI: 10.12677/MSE.2016.51B008, PP. 41-46

Keywords: 数据包络分析,模糊综合评价,评价指标,房地产投资有效性
, FCA, Evaluation Index, Effectiveness of Real Estate Investment

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The real estate industry has multiple inputs and outputs characteristics and is influenced by subjective factors greatly. The combination of DEA and FCA is applied to this typical complex system. In the comprehensive evaluation system, for quantifiable indicators, the relative efficiency of every DMU is calculated based on DEA and then fuzzified by membership functions. The result of DEA is of great objectivity, making FCA more convincing instead of expert scores. It provides a new method to evaluate comprehensive systems. This is a case study to research the effectiveness of real estate investment in 8 Provinces of China.


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