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Research on Ice Induced Fatigue of a Jacket Platform in Bohai Sea

DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2015.24010, PP. 73-83

Keywords: 冰边缘区,冰激疲劳,导管架平台,瞬态动力分析
Marginal Ice Zone
, Ice Induced Fatigue, Jacket Platform, Transient Dynamic Analysis

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The ratio of the marginal ice zone in Bohai Sea is increasing with global climate warming. The dy-namic condition in the marginal ice zone is complex, so the ice induced fatigue of a jacket platform in Bohai Sea attracts more attention. The ice induced fatigue of a jacket platform in Bohai Sea was analyzed by ANSYS software. According to the ice conditions in that sea area in winter, the rea-sonable ice induced fatigue working conditions were established first. The dynamic ice load time- history for each ice condition was determined by the dynamic ice load function. Then the transient dynamic analysis in time domain was advanced for the jacket platform. Based on the S-N curve, the fatigue lives of tubular joints in jacket platform legs were analyzed. The fatigue resistance re-quirement of the structure was satisfied. The analysis method of the ice induced fatigue was effec-tive to solve this kind of problem, and is significative for the design and evaluation for the offshore structure.


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