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The Optimization of Urban Expressway’s Guiding System: A Case Study of North External Ring in Ningbo

DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2015.46013, PP. 84-89

Keywords: 快速路,出口匝道,指路系统,优化设计
, Off-Ramp, Guiding System, Optimization

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According to the situation that drivers pick wrong off-ramps on the expressways and fail to reach the perfect ground roads in the first time, the paper takes a series of optimization on the guiding system of urban expressways in order to make it work at maximum limit. At the same time, illustrated by the example of Ningbo north external ring, this paper takes design concepts into practice. The optimized guiding system offers overall and accurate road information, guides vehicles to trip efficiently, and effectively mitigates traffic pressure of ground roads.


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