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Quest for Potentials in the Quintessence Scenario

DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.42027, PP. 211-214

Keywords: Dark Energy, Quintessence, Thawing Model, Freezing Model

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The time evolution of the equation of state w for quintessence scenario with a scalar field as dark energy is studied up to the third derivative (d3w/da3) with respect to the scale factor a, in order to predict the future observations and specify the scalar potential parameters with the observables. The third derivative of w for general potential V is derived and applied to several types of potentials. They are the inverse power-law (V = M4 + α/Qα), the exponential ?\"\", the mixed \"\" , the cosine \"\" ?and the Gaussian types \"\" , which are prototypical potentials for the freezing and thawing models. If the parameter number for a potential form is n, it is necessary to find at least for n + 2 independent observations to identify the potential for0m and the evolution of the scalar field (Q and \"\"


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