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-  2015 


Keywords: Bashu, revised edition, alterations, motivation

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The latest revised version of Shiji史记(Historical Records)published by Zhonghua Book Company has listed 3, 946 notes of collation in total, of which 1,250 notes are used to alter words. There are 452 notes in the part of Bashu八书(Eight Treaties), covering 151 notes for altering words. Compared with the revisions(over 140)in the punctuated edition, there is no significant difference in the number of revisions, which is basically in accordance with the rule requiring revised version to be based on the original punctuated one in Revision Guide. However, when it comes to a particular case, things will be more complex. The part of Bashu in the revised edition adds 36 changes. Besides, there are 26 alterations distinct from those in the punctuated edition. The study on the differences between the two versions, especially on the motivations for such alterations, occupies an important place in the area of edition and textual studies of Shiji and other ancient Chinese classics


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