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Jacobsen/Paris-Trousseau Syndrome: Report of a Case with Emphasis on Platelet’s Light Microscopic and Ultrastructure Findings

DOI: 10.4236/ojpathology.2016.61002, PP. 8-13

Keywords: Jacobsen Syndrome, Paris-Trousseau Syndrome, Platelet Microscopic Findings, Electron Microscopy

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Jacobsen syndrome (JS) is a rare, inherited disorder, characterized by facial and skull dysmorphism, mental retardation, and platelet abnormalities. Paris-Trousseau syndrome (PTS) is a platelet function disorder that may be encountered in patients affected by JS. PTS is manifested by a mild lifelong bleeding tendency. Morphologically, the presence of large fused platelet alpha granules is characteristic. We present a case of Jacobsen syndrome in a child and highlight the typical morphologic and ultrastructure findings of platelets.


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