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Simulation for Evolution of the Australian Netting Spider PM Eye

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This paper reports on a simulated evolution project, which had the goal of simulating the refractive components of the PM eye of Australian netting spider diopis subrufus on a desktop computer. The model for the simulation is the anatomy of the eye described by Blest and Land [Ble & Lan 1977]. The evolution simulation was able to produce hundreds of eyes with equivalent optical qualities to the measured eyes for the phenotype of the netting spider. These artificially evolved eyes began to occur in the computer simulation between 8X106 and 35X106 cycles after Demonstration of Darwinian Theory of Evolution; arXiv 1006.0480 simulated the evolution for the ctenid spider PM eye, cupiennius sale. This paper follows the previous paper, but the netting spider eye is more complex than the ctenid PM eye so the simulated evolution equations are more complex.


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