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Systematic Approach on Differences in Avian Viral Proteins Based on Carbon Composition

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The distribution of amino acid along the protein sequences plays an imperative role in facilitating different biological functions. Currently, there is insufficient scientific data, which represents the arrangement of amino acid in the proteins based on atomic composition. Our deep observational and analytical studies indicate that the distribution of carbon in the protein sequence can bring differences in the function of proteins. Until now, it is believed that carbon content elicits the hydrophobic interactions in proteins. This distinct feature classifies normal proteins and viral proteins based on the carbon content. One of the objectives of this investigation is to show the significance of carbon composition in protein structure evaluation. Since, the level of perceived benefit is likely to be high in the field of proteomics for structural analysis, the position of this paper is to prioritize only the avian viral protein sequences based on carbon content when compared with the normal protein sequences. Here, we present the evaluation of carbon along the avian protein sequence in order to show the differences in the distribution of carbon using the software technology. The evaluation results provide a deep view in to the molecular structure of avian viral protein, which can further enable the progress of research in the proteomics domain based on carbon classification. This systematic approach in computing carbon level of avian viruses aim towards the benefit of individual, regional and global health in addition to opening of further effective research on avian viral protein based on the aforementioned results


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