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Multiple-object tracking in cluttered and crowded public spaces

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17277-9_10

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This paper addresses the problem of tracking moving objects of variable appearance in challenging scenes rich with features and texture. Reliable tracking is of pivotal importance in surveillance applications. It is made particularly difficult by the nature of objects encountered in such scenes: these too change in appearance and scale, and are often articulated (e.g. humans). We propose a method which uses fast motion detection and segmentation as a constraint for both building appearance models and their robust propagation (matching) in time. The appearance model is based on sets of local appearances automatically clustered using spatio-kinetic similarity, and is updated with each new appearance seen. This integration of all seen appearances of a tracked object makes it extremely resilient to errors caused by occlusion and the lack of permanence of due to low data quality, appearance change or background clutter. These theoretical strengths of our algorithm are empirically demonstrated on two hour long video footage of a busy city marketplace.


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