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Design and Fabrication of Acoustic Wave Actuated Microgenerator for Portable Electronic Devices

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The past few years have seen an increasing focus on energy harvesting issue, including power supply for portable electric devices. Utilize scavenging ambient energy from the environment could eliminate the need for batteries and increase portable device lifetimes indefinitely. In addition, through MEMS technology fabricated micro-generator could easy integrate with these small or portable devices. Several different ambient sources, including solar, vibration and temperature effect, have already exploited [1-3]. Each energy source should be used in suitable environment, therefore to produce maximum efficiency. In this paper, we present an acoustic wave actuated micro-generator for power system by using the energy of acoustic waves, such as the sound from human voices or speakerphone, to actuate a MEMS-type electromagnetic transducer. This provides a longer device lifetime and greater power system convenience. Moreover, it is convenient to integrate MEMS-based microgenerators with small or porta le devices


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