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Granular association rule mining through parametric rough sets for cold start recommendation

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Granular association rules reveal patterns hide in many-to-many relationships which are common in relational databases. In recommender systems, these rules are appropriate for cold start recommendation, where a customer or a product has just entered the system. An example of such rules might be "40% men like at least 30% kinds of alcohol; 45% customers are men and 6% products are alcohol." Mining such rules is a challenging problem due to pattern explosion. In this paper, we propose a new type of parametric rough sets on two universes to study this problem. The model is deliberately defined such that the parameter corresponds to one threshold of rules. With the lower approximation operator in the new parametric rough sets, a backward algorithm is designed for the rule mining problem. Experiments on two real world data sets show that the new algorithm is significantly faster than the existing sandwich algorithm. This study indicates a new application area, namely recommender systems, of relational data mining, granular computing and rough sets.


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