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SmartAnnotator: An Interactive Tool for Annotating RGBD Indoor Images

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RGBD images with high quality annotations in the form of geometric (i.e., segmentation) and structural (i.e., how do the segments are mutually related in 3D) information provide valuable priors to a large number of scene and image manipulation applications. While it is now simple to acquire RGBD images, annotating them, automatically or manually, remains challenging especially in cluttered noisy environments. We present SmartAnnotator, an interactive system to facilitate annotating RGBD images. The system performs the tedious tasks of grouping pixels, creating potential abstracted cuboids, inferring object interactions in 3D, and comes up with various hypotheses. The user simply has to flip through a list of suggestions for segment labels, finalize a selection, and the system updates the remaining hypotheses. As objects are finalized, the process speeds up with fewer ambiguities to resolve. Further, as more scenes are annotated, the system makes better suggestions based on structural and geometric priors learns from the previous annotation sessions. We test our system on a large number of database scenes and report significant improvements over naive low-level annotation tools.


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