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Modeling Instantaneous Changes In Natural Scenes

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This project aims to create 3d model of the natural world and model changes in it instantaneously. A framework for modeling instantaneous changes natural scenes in real time using Lagrangian Particle Framework and a fluid-particle grid approach is presented. This project is presented in the form of a proof-based system where we show that the design is very much possible but currently we only have selective scripts that accomplish the given job, a complete software however is still under work. This research can be divided into 3 distinct sections: the first one discusses a multi-camera rig that can measure ego-motion accurately up to 88%, how this device becomes the backbone of our framework, and some improvements devised to optimize a know framework for depth maps and 3d structure estimation from a single still image called make3d. The second part discusses the fluid-particle framework to model natural scenes, presents some algorithms that we are using to accomplish this task and we show how an application of our framework can extend make3d to model natural scenes in real time. This part of the research constructs a bridge between computer vision and computer graphics so that now ideas, answers and intuitions that arose in the domain of computer graphics can now be applied to computer vision and natural modeling. The final part of this research improves upon what might become the first general purpose vision system using deep belief architectures and provides another framework to improve the lower bound on training images for boosting by using a variation of Restricted Boltzmann machines (RBM). We also discuss other applications that might arise from our work in these areas.


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