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On the free, safe, and timely execution of component-based systems

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Traditional real-time systems are reluctant to integrate dynamic behavior since it challenges predictability and timeliness. Current efforts are starting to address the inclusion of a controllable level of dynamicity in real-time systems to increase the degree of freedom or flexibility in the execution of real-time systems. This is mainly achieved by imposing a set of bounds and limitations to the allowed system structure and operations during a transition. The ultimate goal is to time-bound the duration and result of the system state transitions. One of the main obstacles for run-time transitions is the difficulty in characterizing the different operations and phases of a run-time system transition to guarantee a time bound for each phase. In this paper, an infrastructure is described to ensure the timely execution of state transitions that can be safely incorporated and performed at run-time in a component-based real-time system, preserving its temporal properties. The infrastructure allows to perform different management operations to modify components at run-time ensuring the overall schedulability of the system. The infrastructure is validated by its implementation in a specific component-based framework.


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