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Mathematics  2002 

Graded filiform Lie algebras and symplectic nilmanifolds

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We study symplectic (contact) structures on nilmanifolds that correspond to the filiform Lie algebras - nilpotent Lie algebras of the maximal length of the descending central sequence. We give a complete classification of filiform Lie algebras that possess a basis e_1, ..., e_n, [e_i,e_j]=c_{ij}e_{i{+}j} (N-graded Lie algebras). In particular we describe the spaces of symplectic cohomology classes for all even-dimensional algebras of the list. It is proved that a symplectic filiform Lie algebra is a filtered deformation of some N-graded symplectic filiform Lie algebra. But this condition is not sufficient. A spectral sequence is constructed in order to answer the question whether a given deformation of a N-graded symplectic filiform Lie algebra admits a symplectic structure or not. Other applications and examples are discussed.


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