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Mathematics  2001 

Corrections to the Boltzmann mean free path in disordered systems with finite size scatterers

DOI: 10.1088/0305-4470/34/44/301

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The mean free path is an essential characteristic length in disordered systems. In microscopic calculations, it is usually approximated by the classical value of the elastic mean free path. It corresponds to the Boltzmann mean free path when only isotropic scattering is considered, but it is different for anisotropic scattering. In this paper, we work out the corrections to the so called Boltzmann mean free path due to multiple scattering effects on finite size scatterers, in the s-wave approximation, ie. when the elastic mean free path is equivalent to the Boltzmann mean free path. The main result is the expression for the mean free path expanded in powers of the perturbative parameter given by the scatterer density.


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