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Mathematics  2000 

On the String-Theoretic Euler Number of a Class of Absolutely Isolated Singularities

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An explicit computation of the so-called string-theoretic E-function of a normal complex variety X with at most log-terminal singularities can be achieved by constructing one snc-desingularization of X, accompanied with the intersection graph of the exceptional prime divisors, and with the precise knowledge of their structure. In the present paper, it is shown that this is feasible for the case in which X is the underlying space of a class of absolutely isolated singularities (including both usual A_{n}-singularities and Fermat singularities of arbitrary dimension). As byproduct of the exact evaluation of e_{str}(X), for this class of singularities, one gets (in contrast to the expectations of V1!) counterexamples to a conjecture of Batyrev concerning the boundedness of the string-theoretic index. Finally, the string-theoretic Euler number is also computed for global complete intersections in P^{N} with prescribed singularities of the above type.


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