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Mathematics  2012 

Isometry groups of proper metric spaces

DOI: 10.1090/S0002-9947-2013-05941-7

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Given a locally compact Polish space X, a necessary and sufficient condition for a group G of homeomorphisms of X to be the full isometry group of (X,d) for some proper metric d on X is given. It is shown that every locally compact Polish group G acts freely on GxY as the full isometry group of GxY with respect to a certain proper metric on GxY, where Y is an arbitrary locally compact Polish space with (card(G),card(Y)) different from (1,2). Locally compact Polish groups which act effectively and almost transitively on complete metric spaces as full isometry groups are characterized. Locally compact Polish non-Abelian groups on which every left invariant metric is automatically right invariant are characterized and fully classified. It is demonstrated that for every locally compact Polish space X having more than two points the set of proper metrics d such that Iso(X,d) = {id} is dense in the space of all proper metrics on X.


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